Poetry Medicine Carrier

Stages of Empowerment

Separate from, but connected to the Poetry Depths Mystery School, there are three stages of empowerment on this path of service as a “Poetry Medicine Carrier”. If and when a student is ready, and has fulfilled the requirements, s/he may open a conversation leading to her/his being blessed into each stage. Each student’s journey through the stages is self-directed and proceeds at her/his own unique pace. There is no requirement to take the empowerments in order to be part of the courses.

The purpose of these empowerments is not to “certify” or create hierarchy among those who love this work, but rather to offer a process and ceremony through which the individual taking the empowerment and the community can publicly recognize and bless the individual’s unique gifts at each stage of her/his path as a Poetry Medicine Carrier. My intention is that through this blessing ceremony the person will enter into a deeper sense of her/his own empowerment; they will walk out of the ceremony more sure of themself, their gifts, and their authority/leadership/service in whatever ways they choose to offer it.

Upon expressing an intention to receive an empowerment, a person may be given a task (“bring me the tooth of the green dragon!”) and a question to answer to invite them to stretch in whatever way we both feel is needed to fully embody their medicine.

You are invited to share your adventures and challenges on your quest HERE.

Stage One: BARD

As a Bard you know your sovereignty as a speaker of poems; you know yourself as a voice for poetry, and poetry as a way to voice your soul and call you into presence and intimacy with the life around and within you. Regardless of whether you do this in your professional or personal life, you have tasted the depths of the medicine of speaking poems for yourself, and as a way of giving to others.

~ You have completed the Poetry Depths Mystery School, Year One, or the equivalent

~You have claimed sovereignty as a speaker and deliverer of poems

~You speak poems often to yourself and others in your personal life (and professional life if applicable)

~You know poems by heart

~You have created a personal anthology of favorite “medicine” poems

~You speak poems in groups, whether social or professional, whether as a leader or as a member of the group

~You have experienced a personally transformative relationship to living and speaking poems; has been inhabited by poems in a transforming way.

~You have accessed your true voice, the naked, authentic speaker of poems. You have, at times, brought it into your world.

Stage Two: ALLY

~You have embodied all the elements comprising the level of Bard.

 ~ You have taken PDM Year Two, “Guiding the Soul’s Awakening…” course, or the equivalent

 ~ You have learned to work with individuals to help them free their soul-voice through speaking (and writing?) poems on an individual level.

 ~ You have worked with your own shadow side and are knowledgeable and curious about how it arises when working with another; you are aware of and curious about your projections, fears, unfulfilled needs, etc. as they manifest when you are helping another

~ Because of this, you have honed and are honing your ability to truly see the other clearly, to read their body-language, to hear the voice inside their voice that is yearning to be freed, and to offer guidance to unlock their self-expression

Stage Three: GUIDE

~You have embodied all the elements comprising the level of Bard.

~You have embodied all the elements comprising the level of Ally.

~You have discovered and are discovering your own unique was of creating, holding and guiding groups in transformational experiences through poetry and other mediums.

~You have explored your own involuntary arisings – physical, emotional, spiritual – and so you are comfortable and curious about inviting the involuntary through spoken word, music, movement, and silence.

~ You are gaining mastery in how to create sacred spaces – on outer and interior levels – within which groups of people can to go beyond the known, to awaken consciousness, take risks especially in the realms of authenticity, self-honesty, transparency and real soul-to-soul communication/communion.


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