Music for Diving

Dear friends,

On this page you’ll find a list of much of the music I use in workshops, with much gratitude to the gifted souls who created it!



Music for Speaking Poems and for Poetry Diving

Jami Sieber: Unspoken, Hidden Sky, Lush Mechanique, Timeless

Gary Malkin: Unspeakable Grace OR Graceful Passages: The Music

Peter Kater: Song for Humanity, Compassion, How the West Was Lost, Migration, Natives

Peter Kater and Nawang Khechog: Dance of Innocents

David Darling and Ketil Bjornstad: The River

Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy: Immortal Memory

Marie Boine: Leahkastin


Dynamic/Evocative – Soundtracks

by Vangelis

Antartica, Chariots of Fire
Heaven and Hell,
Themes from Vangelis

by Morricone

The Mission, City of Joy

by Horner


by Gabriel


by Barry

Dances with Wolves

by Zimmer

 Beyond Rangoon

Power of One

For Movement: Expressive

by Tosca


by Lost at Last

Lost at Last 

by One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap 

by Flesh and Bones

Skeleton Woman, Pagan Saints

by Zimmer:

Power of One (soundtrack)

by Jami Sieber

Hidden Sky, Lush Mechanique

by Roth and the Mirrors:

Waves, Totem, Initiation

by Dead Can Dance:

Serpent’s Egg, Into the Labyrinth

by Oyuke Conjugate


by Marie Bonne Person

Gula Gula

by Mouth Music

Mouth Music

by Becvar

Jiva Mukti

by Goodchild


by Gyan Nishabda & Tri Atma

Yearning and Harmony (Sehnsucht und Einklang)

Movement/Meditation: Inner

by Jami Sieber and Kim Rosen

Only Breath

by ?

Landings (Digeridoo)

by Jami Sieber

Hidden Sky, Lush Mechanique, Second Sight, Unspoken, Timeless

by Parsons

Yatra, Himalya, Dorge Ling

by Eno

On Land

by Enya


by Stearns

Baraka (soundtrack),

Singing Stones

by Jan Garbarek


by Lynch

Sky of Mind

by Knoffler

Princess Bride (soundtrack)

by Steve Gorn

Nightingale, etc.

by Kater/Nakai

Natives, Migration

How the West was Lost

by Barber

Adagio for Strings

by Raphael

     Music to Disappear in I and II

by Sheila Chandra

abonecronedrone, Weaving My Ancestor’s Voices

by various artists

     Trance Planet – Volume 2

by Gwen Jones

 Voice of the Earth

by Anugama

Shamanic Dream

by Peter Kater and friends

Essence, Compassion, Winds of  Devotion,   Dance of Innocents, Song for Humanity

by Khechog


by Goodchild


by Howard Moses

The Drone 


Miscellaneous Favorite Cuts

by Weber

“Pie Jesu” from Requiem

by Morricone

“Moses” from Greatest Hits

by McFerron

“The 23rd Psalm” from  Medicine Music

by McLaughlin

“Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” from Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

by Siberry

“Calling All Angels” from When I Was a Boy

by Rosen and Malach

“Be Still and Know” from Be Still and Know

by Alanis Morissette

“Thank U”, “Citizen of the Planet”, “Good” from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

by Gabriel

“Cloudless” from “Long Journey Home”

by Leonard Cohen

(EVERYTHING!! and especially…) “Don’t Pass Me By” on Live Songs, All of 10 New Songs


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