“This book comes straight from the original fires
in which poems are forged.”
~Jane Hirshfield


Saved by a Poem: An Inspirational Event with Kim Rosen

photo by Jan Rostov


Kim Rosen’s gift of speaking poems has touched thousands with poetry’s power to awaken, inspire, and heal. The poems she delivers, interspersed with inspirational insight and group participation, dissolve the walls of culture, religion and generation to speak directly to the heart.

Kim weaves poems from ancient and modern poets such as Pablo Neruda, Mary Oliver, Rumi, Marie Howe, and Rainer Maria Rilke with music, inspirational teachings, and audience participation to offer a direct experience of how one can indeed be saved by a poem.

This is an invitation to rediscover what mystics, poets and shamans have known for centuries: in the rhythms and silence of the language of the poetry, the mind bursts open and all levels of being come into harmony—opening consciousness, promoting physical and emotional healing, and aligning you with what matters most.

Especially in these times of global and personal uncertainty, a poem can be a companion through difficulty, a wakeup call, and a source of passion, peace, and inspiration.  In fact, poetry’s popularity seems to be soaring in direct relationship to the growing instability of the world around us. As financial and natural resources dwindle, many are turning to the resources of the heart. A poem can be a nondenominational prayer, a companion through difficulty, and a doorway to an inner source of joy, peace and true wisdom.

This is an event to awaken the heart, open the mind and set the body dancing!

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