The Art of the Dive

January 9, 2018 – May 8, 2018 all-day
The Art of the Dive

Open to those who have completed the Mystery School year one.
5 two-hour meetings: Thursdays 11 – 1 PT/7 – 9 UK-Ireland Time.
January 9, February 6, March 6, April 10, May 8
Limited to 14. $250.

This is an ongoing course open to all who have completed Year Two of the Mystery School.  This is for those who want to embark on and/or continue exploring the art of and craft of working with the elements of music, spoken poems, and/or workshop design — for both personal and professional expression. While some in the group will take the work into the world, others may want to enjoy and benefit from the creative cauldron of working with these elements for their own joy and healing. There are specific homework suggestions that you are welcome to do in any order and at any pace: finding your “medicine music”, speaking poems to all kinds of music, creating the “wave” of a poetry dive and recording it, and designing transformational workshops. Some may choose to focus for the whole course on speaking poems to music or creating poetry dives. Others may choose to work with deepening their skills and confidence around creating and leading workshops. The Temple Wall will be an active place where we share the bounty of our creations and discoveries through posting writing, recordings and learnings from one another’s deep listening.


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