A Broken Hallelujah, 3 Day Workshop in Cardigan, Wales

June 28, 2018 – July 1, 2018 all-day
£395 early-bard discount and £445 full price
Ruth Jones

Experience poetry’s power to wake you up, shake you up and summon you into a deeper, more intimate experience of living. Poetry is the language of the innermost self, where the grit of our humanness meets the grace of our vastness. Shamans, mystics, and healers always have known that the medicine of poetry literally can change brain chemistry and thus dissolve old patterns of thought, feeling, and physiology, aligning us with what is true, innocent, intimate, and holy within. 

Join Kim for a transformative immersion in mystical poems, music, guided meditation, movement and interpersonal revelation designed to melt your defenses, liberate the flow of your feelings, and open you to yourself and others. You do not need to recite, write or even like poetry to discover its power as prayer, celebration, and awakener.  Bring a notebook and pen and wear clothes in which you can move and sit comfortably.

Both personally and professionally enriching, this workshop will give you an opportunity to directly express your soul and leave with tools and practices to bring that expression into your life and work. As Kim says, “When you speak a poem aloud, you receive its medicine and can offer it to others, thus becoming a voice for truth and healing.” You do not need to know poems to benefit from this workshop. 

Those who have experienced Kim’s workshops speak about the remarkable transformative power of giving voice to poems, and in doing so, liberating one’s heart and soul.
Kim’s work finds resonance with those committed to living life with fierce self-honesty. With alchemical artistry, she combines poetry, music and movement in ways that lead to transformational beckonings. Author Eve Ensler says, “Kim’s gift of speaking poems is a gorgeous incantation, an irresistible call to break open.”

“Kim creates an environment where your defenses fall effortlessly, feelings you didn’t know you could feel pour through you, and you hear the voice of your innermost self speaking through your body, your writing, your speaking and your very presence. This is not about poetry so much as it is an adventure in authenticity, transparency and precious vulnerability. This is about bringing your deepest self into every aspect of your life ~ inner and outer.”

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