Kim’s work is a unique and important means to help us
embody the word in a time when reality is
becoming more and more virtual.
Roger Housden


Jan 20 – Jun 14 all-day
Personal and Professional Development North American School – January to June 2017 This program is a multi-faceted immersion in the power of poetry, with the understanding that the poems we love reflect to us the voice of our soul, and as … Continue reading
Jan 20 – Jun 19 all-day
Poetry Depths Mystery School: Year Two Diving Deeper into the Self, Overflowing into the World  “This I mean my mind to serve til service is but magic moving through the world…” ~Leonard Cohen The intention of the Poetry Depths Mystery … Continue reading
Mar 19 – Mar 26 all-day Hale Kai
Poetry and Music as a Portal to Awakening with Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber Hale Kai, Ho’okena Bay, Hawaii March 19 – 26, 2017 “Mystics, poets and shamans have always known that in the rhythms and sounds of the soul’s … Continue reading
Jul 1 – Jul 3 all-day
Join Kim for a transformative immersion in mystical poems, music, guided meditation, movement and interpersonal revelation designed to melt your defenses, liberate the flow of your feelings, and open you to yourself and others. Click HERE for more information.
Jul 15 – Jul 20 all-day Lough Lannagh Conference Center
Jul 21 – Jul 23 all-day Don Bosco Centre
Poetry is the language of your innermost self, where the grit of your humanness meets the grace of your vastness. Shamans, mystics and healers have always known that the medicine of poetry can literally change brain chemistry and thus dissolve … Continue reading

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