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Slain by a Poem

 On the very day Saved by a Poem was finally published (after five years of rewrites!) a dear friend said, “But it’s got the wrong title! It’s should be called SLAIN by a poem, not Saved by a Poem!” She was absolutely right. A central … Continue reading

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Computers for Kenya

“You might think that your computer is old and done-with, but it is opening a new window in my life, and in many lives” ~Zam Obed, Kibera, Kenya Among the torrent of life-changing experiences I had in Kenya was bringing … Continue reading

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Can you help a girl from Kenya?

Four girls from the Tasaru Safe House in Kenya are seeking funding for post-secondary education. Can you help them out? Continue reading

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Lessons from the Heart of Kenya

~ January 21 ~ There is another reason I spend all my frequent flyer miles to travel halfway around the planet, with suitcases full of used computers to give away and gifts of clothing and jewelry for all I love, a much more personal one… Continue reading

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Dissolving Separation with a Poem: An Excerpt from Saved by a Poem

~ November 27, 2013 ~ I discovered how the separating lines of culture and age can dissolve in the presence of a poem the first time I went to Africa. In Kenya, at the Tasaru Ntomonok Rescue Centre for safe houseGirls in the Rift Valley, I unexpectedly found myself speaking a poem to a group of Maasai girls, only a few hours after I met them . . . Continue reading

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In the Land of the Bards…

~September 10, 2013 ~ I’ve spent the summer in the Celtic realms – Ireland, Wales, Scotland and a part of England called Dartmoor. Through no conscious plan of my own, I have been called there for the last eight summers, an unexpected discipleship to the Goddess/Saint Brighid. . . Continue reading

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Where Poet and Mystic are One

~August 30, 2012 ~ . . .It was my first taste of a culture – and here I include both Welsh and Irish – where poetic language seems inscribed in the marrow, where lines of Yeats or Dylan Thomas rock babies to sleep, where poets have been seen throughout the eras as the wisdom keepers and mystics. Continue reading

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The Art of Losing

~ May 20, 2012 ~ Since I last wrote I’ve breathed the wave spew of Ho’okena Bay, the antiseptic vapors of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, the scent of night jasmine on the cliffs of Esalen, and the sweet blow of horse-breath on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana… Continue reading

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Sea Changes…

~February 11, 2012 ~ Recently a friend pointed out that two of the major power spots for my work are the diametrically opposite islands of Ireland and Hawaii. I don’t know if there is deep inner meaning in this, but it does remind me that as a child, I had a passion for stories about far away islands where people were recognized for who they really are … Continue reading

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Jecinta, an Inspiration…

~ August 30, 2011 ~ You may remember, in the last chapter of Saved by a Poem, a girl named Jecinta challenged me to recite a poem when I was paralysed with shyness on my first day at the V-Day Safe House in Kenya… Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Agnes Pareyio

~ July, 2011 ~ It’s 7:30 am at the V-Day Safe House in Narok, Kenya, and the morning symphony has begun. I am awakened by the sound of Mama Helen singing as she returns from the farm down the street with a large jug of fresh milk… Continue reading

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Diving off the Cliffs of Moher and Other Poetic Adventures

~ July 20, 2012 ~ You may have heard me say, quoting the actor Austin Pendleton, “There are two ways to jump off the Cliffs of Moher. You can either squinch your eyes shut and clench your fists all the way … Continue reading

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Taped to my Mirror: How C. C. Carter was Saved by a Poem

~May 17, 2011 ~ Do you remember the wondrous woman in Chapter Three of my book, whose grandmother saved her from teenage depression by “prescribing” Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” as medicine… Continue reading

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Naked Words: Our First Language is Poetry

~4/1/2011~ It’s National Poetry Month, time to remember that poetry is our first language. Literally. All over the world, mothers croon to their babies in rhythm and rhyme. Perhaps this is because the womb itself is a poetic place. Your … Continue reading

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Poetry Inquiry at the Brink of 2011

~January 3, 2011 ~ I enter 2011 with Hildegard Von Bingen’s words pulsing in my ears, “When the inner and the outer are wedded, revelation occurs.”… Continue reading

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Written on the Bones

12/8/10  I am holding in my hands the manifestation of one of my (many!) dreams. The December issue of my favorite magazine, The Sun, features an interview entitled  “Written on the Bones: Kim Rosen on Reclaiming the Ancient Power of Poetry.”Alison Luterman has … Continue reading

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