Computers for Kenya

“You might think that your computer is old and done-with, but it is opening a new window in my life, and in many lives”

~Zam Obed, Kibera, Kenya

Among the torrent of life-changing experiences I had in Kenya was bringing as many used laptops as I could carry (4) to people. Me the Geek!! Nonetheless I taught 48 girls at the V-Day Safe House enough to be able to write and play songs, gave Vanda Marlow’s used mac powerbook to Zam Obed so she can apply for grants for her wonderful new NGO (see below) to help children and adults in Kibera, gave another to Ijawa Obeid and Zahra for their college studies, and one to Jecinta. It was unbelievably rewarding in all directions. Perhaps my favorite moment was seeing two sisters aged 12 and 13 who had arrived at the Safe House only days before, who spoke only Maasai and had never been to school or learned to read or write, slowly realizing they could type their own names on the keys. A Helen Keller “water” moment to be sure!
Computers for Kenya 2WANT TO JOIN ME? I’m going to start collecting used computers, iPads, iPods for my next trip. Join me in changing lives – yours and theirs — and the life of this planet too, which doesn’t need any more technological waste. Contributions are tax-deductible as is technical help to clear and prepare the devices.  Here’s a photo album of some of the precious moments. Email me if you want to contribute a computer, ipad, or ipod.

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