Written on the Bones

12/8/10  I am holding in my hands the manifestation of one of my (many!) dreams. The December issue of my favorite magazine, The Sun, features an interview entitled  “Written on the Bones: Kim Rosen on Reclaiming the Ancient Power of Poetry.”Alison Luterman has created a warm, funny, and comprehensive portrait of my work. I am already receiving gratitude notes from some of you and I add mine to yours and send it all to her! If you are not a subscriber, I recommend  it, and in the meantime you can read part of the article in The Sun online or go to your local bookstore, magazine vendor or health food store to find it on the (beautifully designed) page. Here’s a taste: “A good poem is like a sacred mind-altering substance: you take it into your system, and it carries you beyond ordinary ways of understanding.” Read more here

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3 Responses to Written on the Bones

  1. CNA Training says:

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  2. Heather Reed says:

    Dear Kim, I cannot put into words how moved I was reading your interview in The Sun. I’d been living in “winter” for too long, and while I know the value of those times, and that we emerge and grow, I had been feeling particularly gloomy and bereft. I locked myself away in a warm bath and began to read the article, which I’d earmarked, knowing (intuitively?) that it would offer something more than just a good read. When I read the paragraph which begins with the quote you reference above, I felt a shift within my heart/mind/spirit/soul and thought, “Yes! That is exactly how it is – truly and absolutely.” Your powerful words reminded me that poetry is our sacred connection; to ourselves, each other, and the divine within us. Thank you, Kim. May you always, “dwell in possibility” with your wide open heart, mind and soul. Best, Heather Reed

    • kim says:

      Dear Heather,
      Your words touch me deeply. Thank you for the gift of your deep resonance with the article, and for who you are which shines through your words.